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Posted. 28 October 2017

Busy lifestyles can often mean that regular maintenance, cleaning, washing and other upkeep of your car can get overlooked. But regularly washing your car will not only maintain its appearance, but also prevent long-term damage to your vehicle.

Dirt is damaging

Dirt will eventually chip your paint, which will crack, and in turn will rust. Dirt left on your car to bake will remove the protective layer. It will not only conceal any damage or corrosion to your paintwork, but will also cause it. If you value your car’s appearance and the longevity of your paintwork then regular car washing is an absolute must. This will also prevent your car’s resale value from dropping, and decrease the likelihood of repairs needed for corrosion related issues.

Improved safety

Dirty cars are not only visually unpleasant, they can also pose a safety concern. Bug covered windscreens, dusty rear lights and mud covered headlights all increase the likelihood of an accident. Not only can you not see, but other vehicles won’t be able to see you.

Keeping germs at bay

You clean your house regularly to prevent germs and illness, as well as keeping it tidy. Why would you not do the same for your car? Your car will often be the buffer between the outside world and you arriving at home, meaning it is also a receptacle for all the bacteria you pick up along the way. Having it cleaned professionally inside and out ensures that the dirt and bacteria lurking in the cracks are removed.

You are wasting money on a dirty car

A dirty car decreases fuel efficiency. Surprising, but true.

Making a good impression

Like your shoes, your car and its upkeep say a lot about you. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your car shows attention to detail and pride in ownership, as well as a well organised lifestyle.

We recognise that for many who do take pride in their car, lack of time and a busy lifestyle can be an issue. That’s why, at Zenith Detailing, our mobile car valet service comes to you. We offer a range of packages to suit every customer, from our Basic professional valet package, right up to our Crystal full detail premier service. Our expert team will come to your home to ensure you receive a stress-free car washing and detailing service on your doorstep. You can view our services or get in touch to find out more about the luxurious services we offer.