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How do I protect my car's paint and stop it fading?

Posted. 27 October 2017

For anyone who takes pride in their car’s appearance, paint fade is something you will definitely want to protect against. Your vehicle can receive significant environmental damage to its paint layer, including sun fade and oxidation damage, particularly if it is not kept in a garage or protected whilst parked.

What causes paint fade?

Environmental factors have a huge impact on the degradation rate of the paint on your car. UV rays from the sun will cause paint fade, but this will also be amplified by other elements. Pollution in the atmosphere, chemicals and biochemical residues will all settle on your car.

Where you live also has an impact. Coastal areas are at risk of damage from the salty atmosphere, whilst highly built up or heavily industrial areas will have a high chemical pollutant level. And, of course, the weather has a significant impact.

Note that abrasive cleaners will actually WORSEN the problem. It’s vital that you use a high-quality product or have your car professionally cleaned.

Does red or black colour paint fade the fastest?

This is actually a myth. It relates to the way our eyes take in the spectrum. All paints will fade consistent to how they are cared for, so don’t let paint colour stop you from purchasing your dream car!

What’s the best way to protect my car from paint fade?

In order to protect your paint on a day to day basis, seek shelter and cover your car whenever possible. However, we appreciate this isn’t always possible or practical, and you will want to take extra steps to ensure that your car maintains its kerb appeal. Our top tips for protecting your car from paint fade are:
  • Wash it regularly
    This removes any layered on grime, pollutants or grit that can start to chip and damage your paintwork. Wash it only with high-quality cleaners or you can actually damage your car’s paintwork. Be careful not to scratch your vehicle whilst washing. Getting your car detailed and valeted can be a safe way to ensure that your car is washed expertly! (Regular cleaning and dressing also prevent the onset of dry rot in your tyres.)
  • Dry your car properly
    Don’t just leave it to self-dry, as the minerals in the water you use to wash your car will then be left on the surface. Use a cotton cloth or chamois and take care with buffing it dry. This is why all of our car detailing services include hand drying.
  • Get your car waxed
    Waxes are designed to repel water, thereby protecting your car from rain and hard water damage. They also work to protect your car from the sun, bird droppings and other substances that can severely damage your paint work.
  • Consider paint protection
    Adding a layer of protection to your car as part of the car detailing process ensures that you save yourself money long term by avoiding the need to have paint restoration or even a complete repainting.
At Zenith Detailing, we are experts in restoring cars to their showroom glory. Our mobile car detailing team provide washing, valet and detailing services in the comfort of your own home. You can get more information on our services or discuss how we can protect your vehicle from paint fade by contacting us on 07590 066 038.